Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I think I can, I think I can

Yesterday afternoon I decided I was going to do what I need to do to start the P90X challenge. I read the book and watched the "bring  it" video. It makes you go through and take measurements of yourself (chest, waist, hips, left thigh, right thigh, left arm and right arm). Then you take before pictures so that you can follow your success visually. This can be both inspiring to change and discouraging in that you let yourself look this way. I mean I live in my body everyday and I know where I have excess baggage, but to see it on a camera it puts things into a whole new perspective. 

After the picture portion there was then a fit test that the program asks you to do to ensure that you are fit enough to do the program. I took the fit test and found that I have absolutely no upper body strength. It's ridiculous. I was also kind of sad to see how winded I got from doing some minimal cardio, this was my sign that I needed to get into shape more than I even knew. I'm 23 not 103. Obviously it's an issue of health at this point and not just one of vanity. 

This afternoon when I'm done with work and class I am going to go home and start Day 1 of the P90X, I've heard that it's going to be insanely intense and that the first few days are going to kill me, but I think I got this! One of my friends told me that he knows a lot of guys who have done it and gotten physically sick from it. I had another friend who told me that she vomited every morning she did it. Even with all of these horror stories I believe I can push through.

There is a nutrition guide that comes with the program so it looks like I have some grocery shopping to do. The first thing it says to do is to clean all of the junk food out of your house, which should be easy enough for me to do because as a poor college kid there really just isn't any food in the house right now anyway lol. 

I know this isn't going to be easy and I know that there are days I'm going to want to quit, but I have to keep reminding myself it is the end result that I want. It's important to me and I just have to revert back to the childhood story that we are all aware of and the mantra it taught us... "I think I can, I think I can." Besides Tony Horton, my new at home personal trainer via my DVD player (sounds legit huh!) told me to go at my own pace, so I think I'll take his advice and only do what I can, which means pushing myself to the limits every day. 


  1. I hope your 1st day of insanity goes well. lol.

  2. My life is insanity lol. I'll let you know how it goes after I start the P90X tonight. I'll be sure to post first thing in the morning...lol.