Monday, December 6, 2010

My Life's Biggest Project: Not half the (wo)man I used to be

My Life's Biggest Project: Not half the (wo)man I used to be: "No I don't mean myself. I have by no means lost those ammounts of weight, who I am talking about is former bad ass wild child Kelly Osbourne..."

Not half the (wo)man I used to be

No I don't mean myself. I have by no means lost those ammounts of weight, who I am talking about is former bad ass wild child Kelly Osbourne. I remember when I was in middle school or early in high school and I would sometimes try to watch The Osbournes on MTV. She and her brother were both foul mouthed disrespectful children. Kelly often times would say that she didn't want to be thin and that she liked herself the way that she was. I understood being hurt by the public scrutiny, but at the same time there was no need to constantly be so crude. She almost had what most of us now refer to as a bully mentatlity. She seemed to be unhappy with herself so she would be horrible and rude about other people. The new Kelly is nothing like that.

Kelly before the weight loss.
I do not believe that Kelly became a better person because she dropped the weight, I think she became a better person because she grew up. She now is a very articulate and even sophisticated sounding individual. With the exception of her tattoos that are still visible most of the time when she is doing an interview or seen at a red carpet event she looks not only stunning, but also elegant. She is truly one of those people who should be an inspiration for anyone trying to overcome a weight issue. Not only has Kelly completely transformed her body she has completely transformed her image and her attitude. This is that positivitey thing that I have constantly been talking about.

Every interview that I have seen or read with Kelly is that she did it the good old fashioned way, diet and exercise. She said that she first had to recognize why it was that she ate the way she did. Kelly describes herself as an emotional eater. In 2009 while on Dancing With the Stars Kelly really started to shed the pounds...approximatley 20. It was her dance partner who taught her about nutrition. Once the show was over Kelly did start to put some of the weight back on. Her mother Sharon (Kelly's biggest inspiration) got a trainer and the three of them started hiking. After about a month or so Kelly was ready to hit the gym, and she did...hard.

Kelly now slimmed down to 112 pounds.
Kelly says that what was hard for her wasn't necessarily hitting the gym it was that she was so disgusted with the way she looked it was hard for her to have the motivation to do it, so she had to change up her mindset. She had to make it a fun thing. Kelly who stands at 5'2" is now down to 112 pounds and has lost a total of 50 lbs which is amazing! She told Shape magazine in an interview she did that she's really proud of herself because she finally figured out how to do this and to make it work.

 "I used to eat chips and cookies and drink soda all day long," said Kelly. "I had to start making better choices. I indulge with pizza and cheese—I love Brie—and have cookies sometimes, but now, when I'm full? I stop eating! It may have taken me 26 years to figure it out, but I've finally learned how to do it right.
Ultimately, I'm really glad I lost the weight the way I did, I never thought in a million years I'd be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise. After being called 'cherubic and chubby,' I'm rocking a bikini! I feel silly, but I think I'm going to cry. Being on the cover of SHAPE is the biggest victory I could ever hope for."

In an article online by a British writer named Simon Cable, a writer for Mail Online. It says that Kelly has found a secret and that is having half of an apple. "A trick I've learned is to eat just a little bit of something that has no carbs and no sugar in it before you go to sleep because it keeps your metabolism going," said Kelly. "They say you should never eat before you go to bed, but I've found just having a tiny little snack  -  like half an apple or something like that  -  before you go to sleep really helps."

Another tip from Kelly is Pilates. "Pilates is amazing, my posture is so much better and I'm even starting to get muscles on my tummy  -  it's incredible,"said Kelly.

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