Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Overwhelmed With Diet Plans?

If you go online and put in anything on your search engine about diet plans or dieting you are going to be overwhelmed by all of the things that you find. There is seriously every kind of diet in the world right there at your fingertips, but the hard thing to know is which one is right for you and which one is going to work the best and give you the best results with your particular lifestyle.

This process can be a bit of a headache. I think initially when changing ones lifestyle plan the best thing to do is to just cut out the crap. Junk food, snack foods, fried foods, comfort foods,  all the stuff that we love to eat needs to go. Just start making better choices when you go to a restaurant anymore in our ridiculously obese nation (check out the stats at this link: most restaurants offer a smaller calorie option or "more fit" means of eating. No it's not going to taste as good, but that is simply a sacrifice that needs to be made. For example last night, me and a friend went to an OU men's basketball game (Boomer Sooner!) and then afterwards we were starving. Of course the only thing open at the time was IHOP so we go and I get a spinach and mushroom omelet and instead of having hash browns with it I substitute it for fruit. Not a huge sacrifice and I was plenty full when I left. I know that much larger changes are going to have to be made, but hey this is a start and as I said before, we have to start somewhere.

The problem with this time of year is the overabundance of left over halloween candy. I love me some chocolate and it is currently everywhere I look. I just have to keep myself out of the room behind me in my office because I know there is tons of tons of goodies inside. I love halloween, but it saddens me that I can't partake in any of the yummy leftovers. This too will be a pain come Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I know that now so I can try to mentally prepare.

You may be wondering how Day 1 of the P90X went. I'll tell you. I knew I was in trouble when I was already sweating like a man the first 10 minutes into the program. That thing really kicked my butt and even though I did not throw up, I came pretty close. My arms and legs felt like jello and I was drenched in sweat. The DVD that I did was called "Core Synergetics" and I can tell you that this morning everything hurt on my body. I've always kind of been a skeptic about things I find online or see in infomercials, but if the next 89 days are anything like the first one I better be in shape or More to come tomorrow and I'll do my best to stay away from the fun size bag of m&m's that are calling my name :)

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