Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Life's Biggest Project: Snow Day Part Deux

My Life's Biggest Project: Snow Day Part Deux: "This weather is insane! So OU has canceled campus again for tomorrow and that would make it three days in a row as of now. We started back t..."

Snow Day Part Deux

This weather is insane! So OU has canceled campus again for tomorrow and that would make it three days in a row as of now. We started back to school on January 18 and tomorrow will mark our fourth snow day of the semester. Insane right? Well I am pretty sure that is a record for the University of Oklahoma. Sadly however the campus will probably be open on Friday which normally for me would not matter because I don't have class on Friday, but this Friday is going to be a little different. Allow me to explain. I am currently enrolled in a race gender and the media course, which is right up my ally because I really enjoy things about the media and race and gender studies. However this is a cross listed course which means it is comprised of both graduate students (three to be exact) and undergraduate students. The graduate students have some extra assignments so that it is fair for us to get credit for the course. That too is fine. We meet with the professor of the course every Wednesday after class, by we I mean the three graduate students, but due to a conflict in schedules this week we have to meet on Friday at 10 a.m.

Normally this would not be a problem, but I was really hoping to leave town tomorrow after my post op appointment and go spend time with my besty for his birthday. It can still be done, but it will just be later and I am just Now on the topic of whining, let me whine to you about something else. The today I made my friend Chrystle go with me to the OU men's basketball game. We played Baylor and won! This is amazing because OU's men have not been having their best season. I like to think they won because I was there. Never in my life have I attended an OU game where we lost. Football I guess is a little unfair for me to have this theory since OU just does not lose at home, but basketball that's another story all together. So yay! My sooner's won!

After the game we went to Chrystle's house so she could grab some essentials and get snowed in with me for the remainder of the snow days. It was like Alaska trying to get into her house. I now know what Sarah Palin feels like trying to get from the car to the house. Insane I tell you. Also word to the wise do not wear ankle socks when it is snowy outside, because if you step in the snow you want something higher up your leg instead of giving it a perfect place to rest. I now know this.

So yesterday I told you about my fear of snacking and it's a pretty fair fear. Well because boredom makes you think you need to be doing something and eating seems like a better option than I don't know lets say reading for class. So Tiffani messaged me some suggestions and I will share them with you. I will copy and paste her message to me. Here it is. Suggestions from Tiff:

"Almonds!- even a handful makes you feel like you ate something substantial, and they are full of good fats, go for natural unsalted ones though."

"Liquid egg whites- this has become a regular thing I buy at the grocery store, why? because it is soo easy to use and low in sodium, and calories. high in protein. you can mix in some bell pepper and onion and throw it on a whole wheat english muffin or whole wheat bread."

"Bananas and/or apples- both give you a satisfying "full" feeling. also since bananas are high in potassium they are great for post workout snack."
"I've started eating 1 tsp of Smart balance Creamy peanut butter, 1/2 banana sliced on 1 piece of whole wheat bread along with 1 cup of fat free milk."

"Skinny Cow Ice cream cups- Not to be had everyday but a GREAT alternative to regular ice cream and it taste great! :)"

"Kashi Cinnamon Harvest Cereal- 180 calories per 28 biscuits and absolutly NO sodium :) I LOVE Kashi! lol .. It has a great taste without adding sugar, however a little sweetner goes a long way if you need it to be sweeter. So the only sodium you add to this is whats in a cup of fat free milk.. usually around 150 MG. overall since its whole grain it fills you up for a while."

"Bran flakes- Lower in calories than Kashi but higher in sodium. Bran however keeps digestive stuff working right so its good to alternate."

"If your looking for something yummy to share with someone, try once of Kashi;s new pizzas. They are great. They have a veggie pizza and its my fav. Sodium is kinda high about 630MG per 1/3 of a pizza. But calories aren't bad."

"Yogurt!- Ive come to love yogurt, weight watchers has a cheesecake yogurt that is great! only 100 calories per cup, 110 MG sodium. Yoplait Whips orange cream is 140 calories per serv and only 70 mg of sodium. I love both of these."

"Salad- good ol salad,"

"String cheese and apple slices- Ive come to love this as a snack. the cheese has a lot of sodium but its a low calorie snack :)"

"Hope this gives you some ideas!! :)"

I hope you take some of Tiff's suggestions. I know I will. Enjoy your break from work or school if you get one too. Stay warm and I'll post more stuff for you tomorrow after my doctor's appointment. Maybe he can find out why he didn't fix me.