Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Life's Biggest Project: Heavy

My Life's Biggest Project: Heavy: "So it is official. Whenever you lose weight you always lose it in the places that you don't want to first, especially if you are a girl. Cas..."


So it is official. Whenever you lose weight you always lose it in the places that you don't want to first, especially if you are a girl. Case in point my Now this shouldn't bother me except that one of my friends that I hadn't seen since October said to me, "Oh wow Cassandra, have your boobs gotten smaller?" To which I responded, no and that I didn't think so. To which she responded, "No I'm pretty sure they are smaller." Then she turned to her boyfriend who is also one of my really good friends and asked him if they were smaller. He made a wise decision and said that he didn't know. Funny how that works out huh. You try to lose weight and it goes there first. Crazy! My sib however told me that there was one way to ensure that my boobs wouldn't get smaller (she's an advocate for

Anyway, today's blog post is not going to be about my boobs, instead I am going to tell you about a new docudrama that premiers on A&E January 17. The series is called Heavy and will follow 22 differnent obese individuals who are suffering from severe health consequences due to their obesity. Each episode will be an hour long and will talk about two different individuals per episode. The documentary style footage will follow the individuals during their change for a six month period.

The thing that will make this particular series different from those before it is that it is not a competition show. It depicts the day-to-day struggles of the individual during a lengthy treatment program. A&E wanted this to be like nothing before so they sought out to different production companies to be a part of the filiming process. This resulted in something never seen before, a look at those who are dangerously obese who have to learn to live healthier lifestyles or they will die. The series also takes a look at the individuals understanding and root of their food addiction. Viewers get a first hand look into the lives of the person, seeing their daily struggles, pain, what their loved ones have to say, any kind of self doubt that they may have with overcoming their weight problem will be right there for all of us to see.

The first episode will be about two different 37 year olds from Houston, Texas. Tom and Jodi. Tom's story talks about how he was a big deal football player back in his hayday, but due to depression his body jumped up to 638 lbs. Tom suffers from a myriad of issues including sleep apnea, edema and the inability to sleep more than two hours. We will witness his struggle to get his life back before it is too late.The next story that we will see (on the same episode) will be that of Jodi, a recent stroke survivor who weighs in at 363 lbs. We will witness the critical juncture with her health. Jodi's weight is preventing her from getting to do her favorite thing and that is to sing, especially with her brothers in a band. She also is now having problems keeping up with her husband and two children.

Like most shows of this style on A&E (shows like Hoarders, Intervention and Obsessed), I assume that it will be just as intense as those (Intervention really gets to me every time I watch it). I was thinking that this show could be a wake up call for me and anyone else out there wanting to tackle the weight battle. You know see how bad it could get and exactly where we don't want to end up. I also thought that it may be inspirational for me or anyone else to see these personal stories and how the individuals have overcome their struggle.

To me real life achievement is where it's at. To see someone who was able to reach their goals amazes me. I don't know about you, but I would much rather watch and be inspired by someone who has been in my shoes than by someone who has been fit their whole life and never struggled with weight yelling at me and telling me how easy it is to be fit. They don't know, they've never had a problem due to their awesome genetics and super cracked out metabolisms. I'm not jealous (well hell maybe I am), I am just much more inspired by those who have overcome. What do you think? Is Heavy maybe something that you would consider watching? It starts next Monday on A&E at 10/9c if you are interested. I'll watch it and tell you what I think. You should do the same (and by that I mean tell me what you think of it).