Friday, January 7, 2011

My Life's Biggest Project: Half Their Size

My Life's Biggest Project: Half Their Size: "So yesterday when I was getting ready to leave Norman I stopped at the 7 Eleven by my place and while I was checking out I saw a People maga..."

Half Their Size

So yesterday when I was getting ready to leave Norman I stopped at the 7 Eleven by my place and while I was checking out I saw a People magazine under the register. They were very smart for placing it there because I ended up purchasing it, but I purchased this special double issue because it had something on the cover about people being half of their size. I thought, wow that's a pretty amazing accomplishment so I wanted to read more about it and last night I did so I am totally going to share that with you today :)

The first story was of Christina Cores a 22 year old woman who originally weighted 240 lbs and now weights an astonishing 118 lbs, making for a total of 122 lbs lost. She said she overate because her father had passed away when she was in the eighth grade and that her mother moved her to a different school where she didn't know anwone. Food was really truly her only comfort. Her turining point was when it came time for homecoming she couldn't find a dress that would fit her. So she decided that it was certainly time for a change. She said that she started taking turkey sandwhiches to lunch and skipping on the cookies and ice cream when she got home. She said she worked out at Curves and lost over 100 lbs. She also said that when it came down to her last 10 lbs she really needed some kind of a suppoet system so she turned to the online wight loss community Cores claims that this was very inspirational to her. Her best tip for those wanting to make a big change is that on nights when craving a cookie, instead she would grab a bottle of water and go online to read success stories.

Next up is mother of two Denise Giesbers who lost a whopping 152 pounds. This 32 year old woman was originally 304 lbs and got down to 152. Pretty amazing stuff right?! Giesbers claims that her weight was always something that she had struggled with. She was over 220 lbs with her first pregnancy and got up to 280 lbs with her second. She said her vice was salty, fried food and that she constantly had a craving for french fries and chips. Her turning point came in August of 2008 when her husband told her how conscerned he was about her health. He said, "I'm afraid you're going to die on me." That apparently was the wake-up call that she needed because according to this article the next day she got on Medifast. By learning how to preplan meals and transitioning from regular soda to diet she was able to have a miraculous transformation. Giesbers best tip is to stash protein bars in a purse or in your car that way you have something to fill up on if you are out unexpectadly. Being prepared is what it's all about.

Josephine Reed a 34 year old nurse went from 270 lbs to now a fantastic 114 lbs (this is good becaus she is a shorty coming in at only 5'1"). Reed says her weight gain began in college (most of us have heard of the freshmen 15). She said it was all the late night munchies and pizza she consumed. The big moment that Reed had that made her realize that she needed to change things up is when she went to the doctor. She had been feeling miserable at her highest weight and the doctor told her he was going to have to put her on high blood pressure medicine. Reed says that she went to Jenny Craig the next day and that the first week was the hardest, she said she sat in her car and would cry about how hungry she was. The weight loss changed her life. Before she was embarassed and would avoid people, now in her own words she seems to be a self proclaimed "social butterfly". Reed lost a total of 156 lbs and said that journaling is what seemed to work for her. By writing down what she ate and how she felt before and afterward was really benifical to her for meeting her goals.

Hawaii resident, husband and father of two Dallas Carter hit is highest weight at 365 lbs. This 28 year old lost a total of 188 lbs and now weighs 177 lbs. He claims to have gained weight by cheating with food. His wife would make him breakfast in the morning and he would eat it, but would not feel satisfied so on the way to work he would stop at a drive-thru and get a whole lot more (like up to 3 breakfast sandwhiches). After dinner he would tell his wife that he had a second job to work at but instead would go load up on white rice, macaroni salad and chicken. The big aha moment for Carter when was his daughter was born (his first child, who is now four). He said that he would hold her, but couldn't get her very close because his body was in the way. Carter started eating five small meals a day and working out with the P90X. His tip that he said helped him in terms of food was that when he would eat if he still felt hungry he would allow himself to have a plate of salad.

The biggest loser from this article was Sheri Cameron who lost 204 lbs. I wish you could see these before and after photographs. It is insane. Cameron went from weighing 349 lbs to now a very svelte 145 lbs. She said that for years she just ate what she wanted, whenever she wanted and how much she wanted. This caused the pounds to continue to pack on. Simple daily tasks like walking up stairs was hard and she claims to have even broken three plastic chairs. In 2007 she couldn't take it anymore so she joined Weight Watchers. Through portion control she lost 4 lbs in her first week and kept losing at a steady rate. Now she does all kinds of things she never did before and would reward herself while losing weight. After she dropped her first 50 lbs she bought a tennis racket so she could play the game. When she was under 200 lbs she bought a bike and once she got to half her size she took dance classes with her husband. Camerron says that there are days that even she doesn't recognize herself. Her tip is to find someone to work out with for accountability and encouragement.

All of these stories with photos included are in the most recent issue of People, that would be the January 10, 2011 issue that will remain on stands until January 17, 2011. You really should just look at the pictures if anything, they are very inspirational. What this really told me is that you have to A.) really want this to be successful and B.) find what works for you. Have you found what works for you? Go look at these before and after pictures and tell me what you think.

I need to get ready to meet a friend for lunch and have an oh so fun wedding show to go to tomorrow. More stories to come tomorrow!