Sunday, December 26, 2010

Co-ed Gyms -vs.- All Women One's

I have a ton of girl friends who say that they hate working out at the gym with a bunch of guys around because they feel like they're being judged. Apparently this is a big enough problem that they have created gyms that exclusively for women. I must be odd because I personally would rather work out around guys than other girls. Allow me to explain why I feel this way...

I truly thing that guys judge less than girls. I read in an article in a Seventeen magazine when I was in like the fourth grade that women dress to impress other women as opposed for men because women are more judgemental of what other women look like. I guess this kind of stuck with me because, well first of all because I remember it and second of all because I really think women do.

I would rather work out next to some buff guy who thinks he's hot stuff than next to some buff girl who thinks that she is. The guy is probably assuming that since you are of the opposite sex you must be checking them out. The buff girl on the other hand is probably sizing you up because you don't look like them. I always assume they are less sympathetic because they don't understand why if they could do it you can't. Last spring I was sitting in class and I overheard one of the girls in the class talking to her friend. This girl was pretty and very fit looking. She was tall and had an athletic build. She was talking about how uncomfortable she was in the gym that morning because the girl next to her looked just like Meagan Fox.

I was happy to have overheard this because it justified everything I had ever thought...girls are sizing each other up at the gym and they are uncomfortable around other girls, not just guys! It's like the gynocologist, I unlike many other girls would much rather go to a male than a female. It's my personal feeling that just because you have the same equiptment as me that does not mean that you completely understand what I'm feeling because you aren't me.

Another thing that bothers me about this mentality of not working out around men is that really shouldn't be the reason you are at the gym. I do not go and think, wow I should really fix my hair or be sure to wear my waterproof mascara so that it doesn't run while I'm sweating. A work out should very much be about you, not about picking up a guy. This drives me crazy, and all of you who go to gyms know what I'm talking about because you've seen it. The girls that come in looking super cute in their short shorts and cleavage bearing tank tops. They are the girls walking the tred so as not to mess up their cute little bouncy updo. This is not a bar, these guys are not going to buy you a free drink based on how much you have popping out of your shirt! These girls drive me nuts.

Whenever you work out that is a great time to kind of get in your own zone. You can think about whatever you want. I think it is a great time to clear my head. I think sometimes we worry a little too much about what other people are thinking and not enough about ourselves. Let working out be your thing and let it be about you. In that hour or two you are at the gym don't worry about hitting on a guy or a guy hitting on you. In fact if that is the incentive you need (and for some boy crazy girls it is) put that same energy into your workout. When you don't think you can do those last few crunches in your rep remind yourself how cute you will look with that six pack and how many guys will hit on you then.

I know that I don't think the same way as everyone else and if you truly are uncomfortable working out around men then please feel free to utilize the all women gyms. I see that they can be beneficial and if it is better suited for you then please feel free to go there. That is why they exist. Now if you have looked into gyms and found one that is close to your house and has a less expensive membership, but you are iffy about going there becuase it is co-ed then please take into account what I've said. All you really need is a good pair of shoes and an ipod full of empowering music. Besides if you are supposed to meet your prince charming at the gym I really think he'll be more impressed with how hard you are working as opposed to how cute you are doing nothing. If the guy thinks that being fit is important and sees you with the same mentatlity you already have more in common. Food for thought ;)

How do you all feel about all women gyms vs. co-ed ones? Do you think it is more beneficial to work out with just women. I'm not pretending to be a pro, I've never been to one. Please tell me what you think!!!

OK so I'm going to go because my little cousin and I are going to have a girl day and go see Tangled. It should be a pretty exciting day. Today is also my little sisters birthday she's 22 today which is exciting because for the next nine days she and I are only a year apart. This use to be a big deal when we were younger because it upset me. However it is funny how the tide has changed the older we get, I remind her now when she says stuff about how old I'm getting that she is less than two years So basically what I'm saying is that I have a bid day ahead of Another thing to let those of you reading this blog know is that I am going to stay with some of my friends tonight who live out in BFE. There is no Internet connection and since I'm staying there tonight and hanging out with them most of the day tomorrow I probably will not be able to post anything tomorrow so to make up for that I will post another blog this evening before I hit the road. I hope you're all having a wonderful post Christmas day :)  

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