Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shake it Fast, But Watch Yourself

To go with last nights theme today I tried out a hip hop dance workout that I picked up at Wal-mart for like five bucks. I bought it right after my surgery because I thought it might be something that I could do to keep on track with my weight loss goals, but as it turns out and obviously something that I myself should have thought of the problem with this is that in hip hop dance there are lots of lunges and things that my doctor specifically ordered me not to do. So here we are two months later and I finally decided to take the celephane off the DVD box.

The name of the DVD is 10 minute solution Hip Hop Dance Mix. It is a 10 minute workout that says it will shape up your body. There are five different ten minute workouts. The five are as follows: hip hop basics, fat burning funk, edgy grooves, body re-mix and cardio street heat. Pretty clever little names huh. Well the beauty in this DVD is that you can do just one of the workouts or you have the option to combine whichever ones you want so that you can personalize it to what you want it to be. This also means it is completely up to you on how much time you spend working out to this particular program on any given day.

Today I just did the hip hop basics for the 10 minutes and let me tell you what, by the end of it I was already breaking quite a sweat. The best part about this program was how much fun it was. Just like with dance central I didn't even realize that what I was doing constituted working out. This one maybe a little more than the game, but that is probably because the other thing was just that, a game.Now to kick it a little more old school for you I'll tell you what other fun little thing I'm going to do today.

Once I finish getting my house all cleaned up I'm going to bust out my old Darrin's Dance Grooves. On this oh so awesome VHS (yeah I said it) Darrin Henson, choreographer to some of our favorite pop artists of the nineties teaches us the choreography that he created for Britney Spears, NSYNC, and Jordan Knight. Which songs? Well I won't leave you in suspense, I'll tell you. First thing that Darrin will teach is the choreography to Britney's "Crazy", then we get a little bit of "Bye Bye Bye" from NSYNC and last but not least Jordan Knight's "Give It To You", which Henson himself was actually in the dance video for. Not only will I be having a blasty balst while doing this, I'll also be working up a sweat and burning calories. What a fun way to spend the last day of my weekend. I better keep my energy levels up because as of tomorrow I'll probably be suffering from a bad case of the Monday'

Any of you remember this tape and or DVD? It use to come on the commercials all the time during TRL and pretty much MTV all day long really. In fact Carson Daly said, "You'll notice...he's just better than everybody..." when talking about Henson. Use to way back when I was pretty much a fan of whatever Carson told me to be a fan of. As a result I begged my mom for this dance tape and like a good mother she caved and got it for me. I've never been in a situation where I've had to bust out my mad moves, but who knows maybe being a pro at Bye Bye Bye will come in super handy someday. What do you think?

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