Thursday, January 13, 2011


My friend Cashen has a tendency to get somewhat obsessed with television shows. I don't mean when they are on television I mean later on. He likes to watch them season's at a time. Last year it was all different kinds of Star Trek (all of which was kind of the same to me) and now over this winter break it has been Lost. I had never watched the show before, but I knew what it was so I was a little bit more excited about watching it.

We started it a couple weeks ago and we are now on season two thanks to Netflix. I haven't watched all of the episodes, but anything that I've missed Cash catches me up on as we watch the current episode. Well last night we were watching episode 17 I think from season two and it was entitled "Dave". Let me give you a slight recap for those of you haven't watched Lost that way you won't feel lost in today's (corney right).

OK so there's a plane crash and they end up landing on an island. Each person has their own background story that you find out about in the episodes and find out that there are some kind of connections between most of them prior to the crash. Also while on the island they are having to overcome all kind of weird things. Things like black smoke, other people on the island, and other weird stuff, not just wild animals or starvation. I have a theory that their are mechanical dinosaurs on the island, but whatever. Okie dokie to get back to the point of the post I will tell you about this episode.

There is the token over weight guy on the show named Hurley. He's very stereotypical, funny, kind, everyone likes him and he's kind of shy. Why not love the fat guy huh? Well in past episodes they have talked about how at one point Hurley was in a mental institution and we never really know why. Well this episode has flashbacks to him in the crazy house. He has one friend there that his shrink keeps telling him is trying to keep him from changing. Hurley keeps trying to lose weight, but his new friend Dave doesn't want him to change and talks him into sneaking food and things like that. Later in the episode during the flash back Hurley's shrink shows Hurley a picture that he took of he and Dave and Dave is not in the picture because Dave is not real.

So what do you know after 40+ days on the island guess who Hurley starts to see? That's right Dave. Now I'm not going to lie I was exhausted last night so I fell asleep and didn't finish the episode, but I can get the general idea. We all have a "Dave" in us. A part of ourselves who thinks well whatever I like me the way I am and I don't need to change. This is what we all self sabotaging. We think we've tried to lose weight before and failed why will it be different this time? Or we find comfort in food and really just like to eat so we don't really understand why we have to change and we have this "Dave" person in our head that tells us it is OK to think this way. Well I suggest you get rid of your Dave.

If you do care about yourself and about your future you will need to make some kind of change. Yes you may like yourself and others like you too, but it is your responsibility to yourself to make good choices and healthier decisions. Just because the results aren't coming quick doesn't mean that they won't come. It is a process and in the end you will be so proud of yourself that you will no longer need to fight self sabotage because you will have already obtained success. I wish success for you all (and for me too). So keep on going and if you hear your inner Dave telling you it's OK to eat this or that or that you don't need to change for anyone then I suggest you get online and read success stories or really think about how far you've come at this point. Your Dave is right, you don't have to change for anyone you need to change for you!

Do you have any suggestions for how to get yourself to overcome urges? What works for you? Throw me a bone? I need to know what you all are thinking?

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