Monday, January 10, 2011


So obviously we aren't going to make the right decisions all the time. I certainly don' For example I know that its not smart to respond to texts from a certain guy, but still as soon as I get it I always do. Silly stuff like that. Well poor decisions may also be made when it comes to food. As I've stated before it is much harder to control and watch what you're eating when you are staying at other people's houses or someone else is prepairing the meals. I'll tell you a personal example from last night, what you should do and what I did.

Last night I went to Wagoner and my friend prepared a meal very Paula Dean style. By this I mean that it had a whole lot of butter. It smelled devine while she was prepairing everything. For dinner last night what my dear friend made was boneless skinless chicken breasts smothered in some kind of cream of mushroom sauce, green beans, biscuits, mashed potatoes and turtle cake. Did I mention that everything was jam packed with lots and lots of butter? Anway that was what was on the menu and it tasted awesome.

What I should have done was eaten a little something before I got there because I knew what kind of dinner was in my near future. They say that you will eat less if you are not hungry. When you are put in this situation the smart thing to do is to go ahead and be polite, so eat, but watch your portions. Also you shouldn't be scared to miss out on something like seconds or dessert.

What did I do? Well none of the things I should that's for sure. Yesterday I met up with some of my sorority sisters at a Chinese food buffet, where I did not eat (so that part I did well), but as soon as I got back to my BFF's house he and I left to go to Wagoner. We got there around 4 pm and dinner was ready to be served around 6:30 pm, so by then I was starving. I ate a whole piece of chicken as opposed to a half, I had everything and it was yummy, but I felt a little guilty after and uncomfortable. This however didn't stop me from having a very small piece of cake for the dessert.

These things happen and we relapse into our old ways, but we just have to remember that this is no longer our way of eating or our way of life so the next day we have to make better choices. Today for example has started with a grape fruit :) Take it a day at a time like anything else and don't beat yourself up. You will have off days, just don't make them off months!

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