Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Quick Fix

So today I get online and open up google. My hope is to find something insanely compelling to discuss with you all today so I type in the words "quick weight loss diets" and then it gives me a list of all different kind of things. It's overwhelming and it's scary. There are lists for pills that promise to give you the washboard abs you've always dreamed of as well as Diet plans that swear you can look just like your favorite celebrities so long as you spend the money on the book that tells you exactly how to do it.

This is what sucks about this industry and why so many people lose so much money. They all promise to do the right thing, but most don't do anything. The first Web site I clicked on after my google search was this site that promises to be the number one resource for quick weight loss, while helping the individual to rid themselves of "nasty harmful fat-without using surgery or dangerous fad diets".

Then it goes on to give the Top 3 Quick Weight Loss Diets. "Fat Burning Furnace" for $39.97, "The Diet Solution" for $47.00, and "The Truth about Abs" for $39.95. Right under the top 3 diets it goes straight into the Top 5 Diet Pills, which are as follows: Clinislim for $59.95, 7 Day Slimming Pill for $19.97, Acai Berry Select for a free trial (but that negates to tell you about how much it will cost for shipping and handling), Phen375 for $69.95 and Proactol for $79.95. All of this is on the homepage and below the diet pills are links to articles about weight loss. Without telling us anything at all other than we need to spend a crap ton of money to be fit this is the first site to pop up in a Google search.

Before you ever leave the homepage of this site it has basically told you that you need to spend a total of $356.74 to become thin quickly. This is how people get scammed so easily. People want to be thin and healthy and if there was a quick fix everyone in the world would know about it, but the fact is that there just isn't. We have to work hard and know that it will be worth it in the end. If I ever find a miracle pill or hear of some kind of amazing shortcut I'll be sure to let you know, but until that day comes looks like we are just going to have to kick it old school and watch what we eat and work out.

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