Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Madonna's Diet

The former material girl and world renowned pop star has been in the media recently for things like her new clothing line that she and her daughter Lourdes have created called Material Girl. Madonna has also been featured on the Ellen Show for speaking out about her feelings of bullying and basically becoming an activist for those who are bullyed. Madonna talks about how her children are 14 and 10 and how she has open disucssion with them about this ongoing problem a lot. They know that intolerence will not be tolerated in her household. Most could argue that certain ideologies start in the house so the fact that Madonna is so strong on speaking with her children about this ongoing problem is wonderful and will probably keep them from being bullies. The information and education has to start somewhere and it is great that she is started it now.

Today's post is not about bullying and how bad it is (even though it is), it is actually about Madonna herself. I've seen her on interviews and other things on television and it amazes me that she is 52-years-old. Isn't that insane. The ever changing pop stars body is amazingly fit and she looks younger than ever. Curious about how it is that she has found the fountain of youth I stumbled upon a Web site that swears to have the answers to Madonna's Diet and fitness secrets. I'm not sure of the credibility of the site, but I would love to share it with you. If it is something you may be interested in trying please feel free to let me know if it works.

The site has several celebrities diets listed, but not all of them were really diets. Lindsay Lohan's was listed and basically said that her figure could be based on a combo of weight loss pills and narcotics. This isn't healthy and not what I would consider a diet, plus everyone knows that LiLo has a drug problem, cocaine will in fact make you thin. I'm not here to endorse a negative lifestyle so I figured sharing Madonna's with you was one of the healthiest options in terms of celebrity fitness. So here it goes.

The pop star has never been considered in bad shape, but the older she gets the more she seems to be extremely fit. This is because according to the Web site she has taken on a strict routing of Ashtanga Yoga, which is what is supposobly keeping her entire body in shape. Madonna also follows a healthy diet and barely ever is seen eating junk food (because she hardly ever touches the stuff).

Famous people have the luxury of having a personal trainer, health and diet coach and Madonna is no different. Madonna eats "an organic whole food diet, rich in lean proteins which comprises most of her macrobiotic diet." When Madonna was asked about going out to eat she said, "I don't really eat food in restaurants - you can never be sure what's in it, can you?"

Madonna's macrobiotic diet is "a new way of life based on the centuries old practice of listening to your inner compass when you eat. The contemporary guide to healthful living that offers a fresh twist on an age-old philosophy. Is is based on a diet filled with whole grains, beans, vegetables, and some meats and fish." The site offeres a guide to this Macrobiotic Diet and it is as follows: 

Guide to Macrobiotic Diet:
  • Introduce Whole Grains (daily if possible)
  • Use plant-based proteins over animal-based proteins
  • Indulge in natural sweeteners (rice syrup, barley malt, maple syrup)
  • Re-think dairy food
  • Be patient with yourself
There are definetley things that are positive that one can take from Madonna and her fitness and healthy life style is one. You may not love her singing or her as an icon (I personally do), but one thing you can't deny is how amazing she looks. If you know of anything that she's doing please feel free to let me know or if you have any other awesome celebrity diet tricks that you want to share pass them my way too. 


  1. I like the idea but not sure how realistic this is for a person way down here in reality. :-)

  2. Agreed! I think a lot of things are easier if you have someone prepairing your meals and things like that. I just think it is amazing how insanely buff that woman is and she's old enough to be my mom (older than my mom actually)...lol.