Saturday, December 18, 2010

Detox Diet

If you get on under trending now on the homepage this was one of the things that was trending, under Reese Witherspoon and ginger bread cookies. I know a little bit about this particular diet and I figure I'll go ahead and share it with you. A lot of different things show up when I clicked on the link. This certainly was a fad diet that sprung because actress/singer Beyonce Knowles (Mrs. Jay-Z, you all know who she is) lost 20 pounds according to reports while prepping for her role in the movie Dream Girls. There are lots of different names for this particular diet. Detox Diet, Master Cleanse, Lemonaide Diet, and I'm sure there are more, but these are probably the most well known ones.
One of my sorority sisters did this and said that it wasn't so bad and that she lost weight doing it, but there are lots of studies out there according to That say that there are many dangers with doing it. Basically what this diet consists of is creating a drink concoction that one is supposed to drink for ten days. You are not allowed to eat anything, just drink this drink you mix up that consists of water, fresh lemon juice, cayyanne pepper and Grade-A organic maple syrup. The claims are that it gets all the built up gunk in your body out and causes you to no longer crave things that are bad for you.
Medical experts say that by removing nutrients from your system that creates havoc on your metabolism as well as the fact that there is no evidence that this age old detox really does what it says. If you are working out you need to be eating right or your body will not drop pounds. If you are essentially starving yourself then your body goes into shock mode and starts storing fat as opposed to burning fat. To read more about the hidden dangers of the detox diet click on this link and it will tell you all about it.
According to people who have done a detox diet say that they have improved skin, energy levels are boosted, and increased concentration levels. The problem is that there is so much information out there it is hard to decipher what is the right information. Scientifically it makes sense to me that if you starve yourself you are going to gain weight, but with results like Beyonce's and all the great things that other Web sites and people say that live by detoxing it is hard to make up one's mind about what the right answer is. What do you think it is?
Webmd says that they are simply a myth and not good for the body. Have any of you tried this before? What are your thoughts pertaining to it? I began this particular diet over the summer. I got to day four and then was put on an antibiotic that required me to eat or I would be sick. If I was just going to throw up the medicine it obviously was doing me no good so I had to stop the diet (not saying that I made good food decisions when I started eating again). I can honestly say from personal experience (note that I only made it through day 4), but I didn't feel like I was starving, I also didn't feel any different at all. I have thought about trying it again, but hearing all of the negatives kind of scares me too. Any thoughts? Let me know what you think the right thing to do is. In the meantime I will not being doing it until I get some kind of feedback.


  1. I have always wanted to try a detox. Theres so many out there that I never could decide. Plus I really like food so I don't know how I would stick with it. Maybe I'll try it out on the husband first and see what happens. : )

  2. LOL...well if you do, you let me know how it works for him :)