Friday, November 19, 2010

Tips for Dining Out

OK so as most of us know instead of going out to eat being a treat like it use to be, we do it more than cooking these days (at least I do). It's a hastle when you're trying to be health conscious, but it doesn't have to be. One of the good things about ordering the P90X is all of the little tidbits of information they send you via e-mail. One I got a while back gives 8 Tips When Dining Out so I figured I would pass this information your way so that it can help you as well :)

1.) Use the Internet (seriously you can find almost anything on it these days, so we might as well utilize it). Before going out look up the menu. This way you can decide what it is you are going to eat before you ever get there. This will keep your friend and the waiter from breathing down your neck while you try to decide what it is you want. Not only is it a time saver it is also beneficial to you and will weed out stress (which is unhealthy on the body too).

2.) Look up the nutrition fact. Once you've decided what you want to eat after looking up the menu online you can also look up the nutrition facts. Many resturants list these  facts online and for those that do not you can look at each ingredient to figure out how much protein, fat and carbs are in each meal. Knowing this helps you figure out the best thing for you to eat as well as what not to!

3.) Eat your snacks and meals as you already have them scheduled. One of the biggest issues that people face when going out to eat is that we have to get our money's worth. With this kind of thought we feel it neccessary to completely clean our plate. This is why you should never go out to eat when you're starving (just like you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're super hungry). The problem is most restaurants serve large portions of things and if we have it in our minds that we have to eat it all we are goign to be misserably full as well as packing on pounds. So eat like you normally do in a day and if you are still starving before you go to the restaurant eat an apple (just like Dr. Oz said, 15 minutes before you go). Keep in mind that you should stop eating when you are full and if you take half your meal home in a to go box not only are you getting your money's worth, but you have now paid for two seperate meals only once!

4.) Work out like normal. A lot of people think that if they have skipped a workout then they have already messed up for the day so why the heck does it matter. It matters. Everyday matters. You aren't neccesiarily going to ruin your workout by eating. In fact in a study done by researchers in Brazil they found that exercise increases the feeling of fullness in the brain.

5.) Write it down. You should be keeping track of your calorie intake in a food diary, but even if you're not know that by writing something down (once you've made your decision about what you are going to eat) you are more likely to keep with it and less likely to add things like an appetizer or dessert to your meal. If you know how many calories you are supposed to be intaking for the day you will also know how to adjust your intake if needed. Writing it down helps you keep a record of what you're doing. It's like the to-do list of food.

6.) Be honest and firm. If you stand your ground you are less likely to get peer pressured into things. Explain to your friends how hard you've been working toward your goals. Tell them about them so that they understand. Chances are much higher that they will be supportive if they understand and less likely to try to sway you to order that slice of cheesecake. The problem is once you make a bad food mistake you have opened the door to make much more. Not to mention how proud of yourself you will be for standing up for yourself.

7.) Have a conversation plan. This may sound silly, especially if you are meeting friends or family out, but if you are meeting a date or a co-worker chances are high that there will be some quite periods which is when most people keep eating breadsticks or whatever to fill in silence at the table. A lot of calories are wasted on nervous energy. If you have something to talk about chances are higher that there will be less of these moments and you will be so into your conversaton you will probably eat less anyway. It's also a plus if you are eating with someone you hardly know because they will feel  like you are interested in what it is that they have to say which will probably lead to this situation ending on a much better note.

8.) Wear skinny jeans. By this I don't mean to make a fashion statement, but instead wear something more tight fitting, whether it be a shirt or pants. Once you feel your tummy pressing against your clothes that is a fairly clear sign that you should stop eating. Apparently there use to be an old diet trick for people who ate at home, they were told to do so in a swimsuit. Well obviously you don't want to go on a lunch date in swimwear.

In terms of dieting it has been said that the hardest part isn't watching what you eat, but instead watching what other people eat. This is true because while you're sitting there eating your grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables you can look around and see that other people are consuming their own body weight in fat grams. By having a game plan and sticking to it you can walk out of that restaurant with a full tummy and a clear mind. Just remind yourself that it is worth it and maybe just maybe you will have inspired someone else to do the same thing. With Friday night being date night, chances are high that some of you will go out to eat tonight and if you do I hope that you keep these tips in mind!


  1. See I try to write it down but I always end up eating something that I know I shouldn't eat and I don't right it down. lol. It's like hiding it makes it okay.

  2. Yeah but then you're hiding it from yourself and since you already know that doesn't really count does it? See I would make myself write it down so I could see what I did. That would kind of make me disappointed in myself and then I think I'd be less apt to do it later.