Monday, November 29, 2010

Series of misfortunate events

Sometimes people have very down days let me tell you about the downward spiral of a day that I had yesterday and today. Well yesterday I make it back to Norman way later than I had anticipated which had already put me in a slight state of stress. I had some things that I needed to get done and had planned on going to bed early because I had to leave my house at 5:30 this morning to make it to my surgery on time. Thhis is where it all began...follow me on my journey shall we...

First things first I got mad about some selfeshness that occured by a family member. Instead of worrying about putting me out this person was more worried about themself and threw some stuff at me that was unnecessary ( I have a theory that the reason people gain weight during the holiday season is not necessarily because of all the food, but more so because of the stress that family puts on people). Then I went to my friends house to borrow her phone charger because I forgot mine at my mothers and did not want to have to be without one.

My mom dropped me off at my friends so that she could run to Wal-mart and get some things while she's staying with me during my recovery period. My mom had to use my car because she was recently in a car accident so she just rode back down here with me. Once she was done at Wal-mart my mom and my neice came to pick me up from my friends house. Here's where it starts to get worse...

About a mile or so down the road from my friends on my way back to my house, my car locks up and stops working. Luckily I was near a gas station so I pulled into it. It was a ghetto gas station and crack heads and a Greyhound bus rolls up (you always know you're hanging in the 'hood when there's a Greyhound...FYI). I would have in no way have been so worried about it, but my four year-old niece hadn't have been in the car. This was around  10:30 last night.

I was forced to call my roommate who I assumed was already in bed because she is the only person I know who has jumper cables, sadly I was on the other side of town. She came and we tried to jump my car and guess what to no avail. I assumed it was the battery because A.) I knew I was going to be needing a new one soon and B.) when the car started to stall the battery light came on.

So my mother and my niece went home with my roomie and I stayed to try to figure out what I was going to do. This was at 11 p.m. of course when you have surgery you can't do anything after midnight so my plan was to drink as many fluids (ie., water) as possible before midnight. This did not happen. My friend whom I had gone to see earlier came and got me and I was thankful.

She and I ran to Wal-mart and got a battery for my car. We went back to my car and guys let me tell you how proud I was  of myself I have never done anything under the hood of a car except check my oil and between my friend and I we successfully changed my battery (which magically fixed my formerly broken CD player/radio). But that was not the problem, the car still wouldn't start.

We ended up leaving my car there overnight and my dear friend gave me her car to take to the hospital this morning. I got home and it was around 2:30 a.m. and I could not sleep. The last time I remember looking at the clock it was 3:45 a.m. and my alarm went off at 4 a.m. I was scared that because my evening had been so bad that my day was going to be as well and that scared me  because I was going under the knife.

It's like in the movie "Due Date" the character says well since the day has starated off so bad "it is only uphill from here, that's what my dad always said" and Robert Downey Jr.'s character quickly corrects Zach (Hangover guy)'s character saying, "you're dad was wrong the saying goes it's only downhill from here". Well this was my fear.

I was then sitting in the waiting room at the hospital and the news came on to tell me that my favorite funny man in Hollywood Leslie Nielsen died at the age of 84. It broke my heart and made me sad. I then thought about it and it would be good to not go into surgery with a negative attitude. What if I died? What if something went wrong?

The point in this post was not to just have a beotch fest, but instead to point out that no matter how bad things get it is always better to have a positive attitude because a positive and healthy mind means a healthy body. Maybe we should all think more along the lines of the Hangover guy and think that, "it is all up hill from here". On the plus side I was so vervous about jumping on that scale in fear that I had gained massive ammounts of weight back, but I had not. I gained back a pound, which makes me sad, but I truly feared it would have been more like 5 if not all of it back. Looks like we all just need to be more positive and not be Negative Nancy's.

I'm going to take some pain pills and do nothing because at this point that is all I have the strength to do.


  1. I agree with the positive attitude. I always prepare for the worst but try hard to have a postitive outlook on any outcome. I actually annoyed a lot of my previous co-workers with my "look on the bright side" views. : ) My new co-workers seem a little more receptive to it. I do think it makes a big difference in health. It would be an interesting case study to do in pregnancy. The effect of attitude on the outcome of pregnancy.

  2. That would be very intersting. Every health study I've ever read talks about all the negative effects that stress has on the body and negativity certainly is a cause of stress so it only makes sense. I'm so happy that your new co-workers are much more receptive to your positive attitude. I've always loved that you are one to "look on the bright side". People like happy people :)