Monday, November 22, 2010

P90X Fit Test

Several of my friends have asked me a lot of questions about the P90X program since I started this blog and ask if it's worth purchasing. Well like I said because of my surgery that I'm having a week from today the doctor insisted that I not do it, but what I can tell you about the program is that even though I only did it for a short while that short time really kicked my butt. It is a reasonably priced program, somewhere in the ballpark of $200, but a lot of people are scared to purchase a fitness program and I get that too. So what I have decided to do for you all is post the fit test.

This fit test is listed at the beginning of the P90X program and they say of course after consulting with a doctor you need to pass this fit test. Once this fit test has been passed you can start the program. I assumed that most of you contemplating whether or not to buy this would want to know this beforehand. What they don't tell you is that really this program is created for seasoned athletics not people who haven't worked out in 5...10 or how many years. So I figured I'd hook you all up!

For the first part you'll need a way to do pull-ups. Try to do as many as possible. Women only need to be able to do 1 and men should be able to do 3 to pass this portion. (I have no upper body strength and couldn't do

2. Vertical leap. It says to stand sideways with shoulder against wall and raise arm straight overhead. Record your lenght here. Then jump with step: Then lower arm, take just one step back and proceed to jump straight up, trying to touch highest point on wall (don't gather up a head of steam prior to your jump) record that height. Subtract theh first measuremnet from the second and that is your vertical leap. Men should have a minimum of 5 inches and women should have 3.

3. Push-ups- Men should be able to do at least 15 and women should be able to do 3 unless you are doing push-ups off your knees and in that case women should be able to do 15.

4. Toe touch- sit on the floor with legs extended directly in front of you. Bend forward at the waist and extend arms over legs towards toes. If not able to reach, measure the distance from fingertips to toes (you'll need a tape measurer). If able to extend fingers beyond toes, measure teh distance from fingers reach beyond toes. Do not strain or force this. Reach should be no less than 6 inches from your toes.

5. Wall squat. You should be able to hold for at least 1 minute.

6. Bicep curls- use a minimum of 20 lbs if man and 8 lbs if woman. No breaks longer than 1 sec between reps. Men should be able to do at least 10 curls w/20 lbs and women should be able to do at least 10 with 8 lbs.

7. In and outs- seated with hands on the floor at your sides, knees bent with feet on the floor. Raise feet off the ground and bring knees in towards your chest. Straighten legs back out and repeat movement without touching floor. You should be able to do at least 25.

8. Do jumping jacks for 2 minutes straight. You should be able to do this without stopping.

If you pass all of thise then you are ready to P90X. If not then you should work out, eat better and get in a little better shape until you can. Once you can pass this fit test you are ready for the program.


  1. I am really curious how I would do on the fit test. But i am not sure I really want to spend the money to find out. lol
    When I went for my first personal training session I lasted 15 min then I got dizzy and had to stop. Probably not a good sign. hahah

  2. Well that's why I posted this fit test. This way you can try it without spending the money on the program. If you pass it then you know you are at least capable of doing the program. Try the fit test and let me know how it goes! I thought I was going to die, which probably isn't a good sign either lol.

  3. I just ran out of breath reading all the stuff you have to do on the fit test. I would sure enough die. lol

  4. Biggy you wouldn't die, I promise! I'm still alive lol.