Friday, November 12, 2010

On the Road Again

Today I am going to drive home to my moms and spend time with some of my sorority sisters, then I'm going to turn around and drive back here so that I'm ready to not only work on homework, but also so that I'm ready to go to the last home football game of the season and hopefully the last home game as a student at the University of Oklahoma. I will miss the discounted student tickets, but I'm also ready to not be a college student anymore and I look forward to starting a career and being a little grown up :)

The hardest thing to do when traveling is actually getting out my front door and getting out of town. So the easist thing to do in terms of food is to go up and over to 7 Eleven and get a big gulp and junk food or make a hop skip and a jump over to Sonic and get an on the go meal to eat on my way. As most of us know there aren't very many healthy options at Sonic. So what I'm going to try out today is making something to eat that is drive friendly or maybe just eating before I leave, who does I also have a water bottle that I'm going to take with me so that I don't stop and get a diet dr. pepper like I normally do.

I am also going out to eat with some of my sorority sisters to Olive Garden. One little tid bit of information that I feel like people should be aware of when they go to the OG is that each breadstick has the calorie equivilant of a snickers bar. I really think that I would rather have the chocolate I know that they have better health options at the restaurant, but if I'm spending $13 a plate I may just get what I want and watch my portion intake, we'll see what I decide when I get there. Lucky for me I don't like alfredo (which is also so bad for you), but I do love Italian food (which is also so bad for you, in terms of carbs).

People are made to be social and one of the social things that people do is eat. Just think how many times do you go to an event and there isn't food laying around...probably never right? Because this is one of the ways that people socialize and me being a very social person it only makes sense that we cannot be scared to go out. That's part of life. And I don't think that we can stop living just because we are trying to be more healthy. What we really need to do is be more conscious of what it is that we're eating when we do go out.

I am one of those people who probably needs people in my life more than most. I'm a communicator and a social butterfly ;) If we just use our noggins it is still possible to have the best of both worlds. We cannot resent the change in life ( I don't want to use the word diet because it has negative cononntations), because if we resent it not only will we rebel against it we will also quit and it be another time that we've failed to lose weight and get the bodies that we desire. It seems that there are struggles during the week with time and that there are also struggles on the weekend becuase going out, watching football (or basketball), basically being social. Life is all about overcoming struggles and this is just one more! Just keep reminding yourself that this is worth it (which is what I'll be doing). I better get out of here and on the road. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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