You know how some say that technology is taking over every aspect of the world, well there just may be something to that. While researching today I came across this article. Several companies are making heart rate monitors that help people keep track of their fitness level. It tells the person how many calories they have burned, gives one their heart rate and even gives "motivation-bossting messages, displayed on the watch face."

Lack of exercise is a major risk factor for developing coronary artery disease, (according to the American Health Association as well as common knowledge). Keeping with a regular exercise program is good for one's health as we all know, we also know that finding the motivation and or time to keep on track is really where the issue is for most people. This is where the product comes in. The article says, "instead of fretting about it, let technology come to your rescue and give you that extra push you need."

So that one can keep up with their weight-loss goals, WIThings (a French company) makes an electronic scale with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that can automatically record one's weight and send it to the individuals home computer, iPhone or iPad instantly. The Haier American Trainer makes a portable MP3 player which also has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter and stopwatch and it is tiny enough to clip onto whatever attire you have chosen to jog or workout in.

Not all of us have the economic benefit of being ablet to purchase nice things like this, but for those who can these may be just the things to ask for from Santa this year. It's neat that they exist and further shows one more way that our world can depend on technology. The iPhone for example is the only way I can function. Without that map I would never know where I was. My friends fear that I may be too co-dependent on my phone and that may be true, but with health conscious technology will it be a bad thing to be co-dependent on that kind of technology? Food for thought, and that kind of food won't add any lbs to your Tomorrow I'll tell you all about what I stumble upon then.

As far as Thanksgiving went. I can honestly say that I did not consume nearly as much this year as I have in the past and I didn't put any gravy on  my turkey at all. I did eat the dressing (which is loaded in carbs and completely bad for you), but it's my favorite part. I did not walk away from the table feeling like I was going to burst so all and all I would say food wise it was not as big of an epic fail as I feared it may have been. I hope that you all had a great time with your friends and family. I also hope that everyone was safe during the hustle and bustle of today's shopping. I stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's and played some guitar hero with my cousin. Now I'm going to go jump on his trampoline with him :)

To help you maintain your weight-loss goals, the French company WIThings makes an electronic scale with a built-in Wi-Fi connection that automatically records your weight and instantly transmits it to you home computer, iPhone, or iPad. And to make those early morning jogs less boring, Haier America Trainer makes a portable MP3 player that also includes a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter, and stopwatch and is small enough to clip to your workout gear.