Saturday, November 27, 2010

From bashing to beautifying

For those of you who enjoy trashy television as much as I do you know who Perez Hilton is. The gay trash talker is known for being ridiculously crude and rude, but one thing he is also known for is the extreme body transformation that he has gone through himself. When Hilton first launched his blog that resembled some kind of tabloid on crack (in terms of the multitude of his offensive opinions) he himself was overweight. He would often comment on unhealthy lifestyle choices made by the rich and famous (things like smoking and having intense party habits). Hilton himself has certainly slimmed up and why you may love or hate him fact is he has found a way to have a healthier life.

Perez before
Hilton realized that he no longer could be excluded from being the butt of the joke when he himself weighed 248 pounds about two years ago. Hilton was ashamed of his body and then promised himself that he was going to make a change. He has kept the weight off by staying active seven days a week and maintaining a healthy diet.

Naturally being a blogger and being someone who found his fame on the Internet it only made sense that Hilton's next career move would be to create a fit Web site. On this site Hilton says he will not only disclose information about how he himself has lost so much weight, but also much more than that. Hilton says that the site is going to be created to encourage a happier and healthier lifestyle to his followers. It will include recipes, pictures of celebrities showing off their hot bods (could this be thinspiration like on pro-ana sites? Who knows.), celebrities workout tips and interviews with the celebrities and their personal trainers. The Web site will also include food and fitness trends and stories having to do with one's overall health. These stories would include things like mood issues, fertility and other health concerns.

Perez now!
I'm really glad that I came across this article and I am sure I will use his Web site in the future to tell you guys things that I have learned. I personally love having many different outlets to learn from. According to Hilton himself his Web site will be chalk full of real health information that will be presented to its readers in a "fun and sassy way," said Hilton.

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