Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beer and Football

Are you curious about what I did at Olive Garden in terms of food and how that whole situation was handled? Well it's easy enough I'll just tell you about my evening with the girls. I got there and some of the younger girls (i.e., under 21) were sitting in the lobby still waiting on our table (since there was supposed to be 23 of us). Anyway they advised me that the older girls were sitting at the bar. I walked over to the bar and three of my really good friends (my big, my sib and sis) were all sharing a pitcher of sangria. They asked if I wanted in on it and I told them that I wasn't drinking. They asked if it was because I was having surgery soon and I told them no it was because I was cutting back on calories. At first it made me kind of sad, but I stood firm and didn't drink any of it, and after a while it was no thing. I was just sipping on my water with lemon and all was good.

Then we get sat at the table and they bring the salad and breadsticks. I order another water with lemon and eat my salad. As I said yesterday one breadstick is the equivalent of a snickers bar so I ate half of one. They smelled really good and I didn't think I could resist having at least one (so I ripped it in half). Then we ordered our food and since I am a former Olive Garden employee I knew that they had some more health conscious options on the menu so I figured I'd try one. I ordered the Capellini Pomodoro and to my surprise it was actually really good. I was stuffed and dessert wasn't even an issue at the end of the evening. We all hung out and took pictures and in no way was I saddened by the end result. It was good because I just proved to myself that you can go out, watch what you eat (and drink) and still have an amazing time. Seeing is believing so they say and now I believe :)

Today my sib is going to come down and go to the last home football game with me and one of my other sisters who lives here and is in the last year of her undergrad is also going with me. It should be good times. The only problem with game days is the fact that there is so much beer and junk food around. Luckily it's not a problem once you're in the game, but most people associate it with the culture. I'm not one of the people who doesn't think like that so I understand.

When I think of getting together to watch a football game on Saturdays I certainly think three things: 1.) My Sooners better win. 2.) I better get some Bud Light to watch the game. And... 3.) We should probably pick up something quick to eat after or before we get to the game, or if watching it on television...We should probably pick up something quick and easy to snack on while we watch the game. For some reason beer has become the peanut butter and the game has become the jelly. It's hard to think of having one without the other, but guess who's going to today? This girl. You all have a great day and I'll be back at you tomorrow with some advice I heard. Until then...BOOMER SOONER :)


  1. Sangria sounds really good!! I'm proud of you for standing your ground! I had chocolate covered almonds at the EJ concert last night, so I figured that was only half bad! :)

  2. Haha! I'm glad you had a good time! It looked amazing. I really wanted it for like 15 minutes, but I was really proud of myself for not caving lol.